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D – MOBILE / A0002SS01
Door or window anchor point

  • very fast and easy to set up
  • no tools are needed to fix the traverse in window or doorway
  • adjustable spacing according to the spacing of a frame
  • fast adjustment by pressing the pawl
  • bearing surfaces coated with synthetic material
  • perfect and safe anchor point e.g. when working in wall openings or on balcony support plates
  • possibility of anchoring of two workers (depending on the spacing)
    spacing to 900 mm – two users can be connected
    spacing from 900 to 1100 mm – one user only can be connected

Weight: 11 kg
Strength: 22 kN
Length: 1410 mm (max. spacing of a door/window frame 1100 mm)

EN 795-B CE 0123


EN 795-B

PBM tegen vallen.
Verplaatsbare tijdelijke verankeringsvoorzieningen.


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