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LARA / W2100X*
Lanyard and anchor device for working at height made from dynamic rope

  • tested pursuant the EN 354 standard for lanyards and pursuant the EN 795B standard for anchor devices
  • both ends of the rope are terminated with stitched eyes for placing carabiner
  • strength seam is protected with plastic cover
  • SINGING ROCK recommends using carabiners with sling/rope fixation, which do not scroll in the loop and are all the time ready for use
  • LARA forms part of a fall arrest system and shall be used appropriately

WARNING! LARA lanyard can not be used as a fall absorber!


Ref length
W2100X060 60 cm
W2100X080 80 cm
W2100X120 120 cm
W2100X150 150 cm


Color: red/yellow
Strength: 22 kN
Length: 60, 80, 120, 150 cm

EN 354 EN 795-B CE 1019


EN 354 : 2010

PBM tegen vallen.

EN 795-B

PBM tegen vallen.
Verplaatsbare tijdelijke verankeringsvoorzieningen.


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