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You want freedom of movement when working on the roof, and the ROOF MASTER harness with its many features and unique Singing Rock MOTION SYSTEM guarantees it. Its movable attachment point is openable, which makes it easy to connect a chest ascender or detach the shoulder straps. So, you can choose between a full-body and a sit harness, it’s up to you.

  • Singing Rock MOTION SYSTEM guarantees freedom of movement without being restricted by a working rope or a fall arrest system
  • in the front, part of the MOTION SYSTEM is the light alloy RINGO ring which forms a movable attachment point, point also for work positioning and a flexible connection between the waist belt and shoulder straps
  • RINGO ring is openable, which allows easy attachment of the CAM CLEAN chest ascender or detachment of the shoulder straps and conversion of the full-body harness into the sit harness
  • on the back of the harness, the MOTION SYSTEM consists of a classic light alloy ring that works as a flexible connection between the dorsal strap and the back of the waist belt
  • this rear light alloy ring is equipped with a grey textile loop with a capacity of 100 kg for heavier work tools
  • in the back of the shoulder straps there is a red EN 361 textile attachment point for fall arrest
  • front EN 361 fall arrest point (the red light alloy D-ring) is positioned lower than usual and takes full advantages of the front part of the MOTION SYSTEM
  • MOTION SYSTEM allows to use this point also for work positioning without restricting the user’s movement or work
  • SPEED buckles on the leg loops and on the left side of the waist belt ensure easy adjustment and comfortable putting on of the harness
  • side textile EN 358 loops for work positioning are highlighted with red stitching and designed to prevent accidental catching during work
  • 3D waist belt is equipped with a rubberised strength fabric with a number of attachment holes – you can thread an auxiliary cord through the holes to create additional loops or you can clip auxiliary carabiners into the holes to connect a tool bag (each hole has a bearing capacity of 10 kg)
  • waist belt is also equipped with two standard textile loops with a bearing capacity of 5 kg
  • ring-shaped leg loops are lightweight, yet very comfortable, their size can be easily adjusted with SPEED buckles, they are connected to the waist belt at the back by adjustable elastic straps
  • neoprene pocket on the right leg loop is suitable for small items
  • reflective printing on the waist belt increases the visibility of the harness
  • identification label on the back of the shoulder straps ensures that you can always find yours in a pile of harnesses

Color: black/red
Weight: 1830 g [size M-L]
Size: S, M-L, XL
Max rated load: 150 kg

EN 358 EN 361 EN 813 CE 1019


A (cm)65-8075-10085-130
B (cm)45-6050-7550-75
C (cm)150-170160-180175-205


EN 358 : 2018

PBM voor werkplekpositionering en ter voorkoming van vallen.
Gordels en veiligheidslijnen voor werkplekpositionering of -behoud.

EN 361 : 2002

PBM tegen vallen.

EN 813 : 2008

PBM tegen vallen.



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