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SIR / K032SIR00
Robust multipurpose device for use in industrial rope access

  • its functionality spans the range from rope descender and abseiling device through semiautomatic belay and fall-arrest device to work positioning device for use on roofs and edges
  • unimpeded movement of the cam
  • by pulling onto the working end of the rope the cam engages and jams the rope
  • by pulling the lever the cam gradually releases the rope
  • if the lever is pulled down to its terminal position the double-stop function is triggered which blocks the rope again
  • spring loaded pin for impeded swinging of the cam
  • easy and intuitive installation of the device onto the rope (watch the pictograms and read the instruction of use)
  • no hidden mechanisms for easy inspection
  • metal lever under all industrial conditions tested for 225 kg according to EN 12841 (rope access)
  • EN 12841-C: max. load 225 kg, with static rope 10-12 mm
  • EN 341-A: load range 30-180 kg (max. descent distance 190 m),
    with SINGING ROCK 11 mm static rope STATIC R44 11

Color: black body, yellow lever
Weight: 365 g
Material: mechanism – stainless steel, lever – coated steel, body – light alloy

EN 341-A EN 12841-C CE 0123


EN 341-A : 2011

PBM tegen vallen.

EN 12841-C : 2006

PBM tegen vallen.
Regelsysteem voor touwen.


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