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JINGLE II / W1040R* – steel “O” rings
JINGLE II / W1041R* – aluminium “O” rings
JINGLE II / W1042R* – without “O” rings
Arborist sling – cambium saver

  • intended for use in tree climbing as anchor device and belay anchor
  • available with steel or aluminium “O” rings or without “O” rings
  • different size of the rings enables easy and quick installing and removing of the sling from the ground
  • inside and outside diameter of “O” rings: ALU big 46/70 mm, small 28/52 mm, STEEL big 58/78 mm, small 38/57 mm
  • 3 layers of webbing sewn together, width 25 mm reduces twisting
  • red color of webbing for better visibility
  • the small “O” ring indicated by a black fabric for easy identification
  • suitable also for industrial climbing
  • available in three different lengths:


Ref variant length weight
W1040R100 steel rings 100 cm 330 g
W1040R120 steel rings 120 cm 353 g
W1040R150 steel rings 150 cm 383 g
W1041R100 aluminium rings 100 cm 201 g
W1041R120 aluminium rings 120 cm 221 g
W1041R150 aluminium rings 150 cm 250 g
W1042R100 without rings 92 cm 105 g
W1042R120 without rings 112 cm 125 g
W1042R150 without rings 142 cm 154 g


Color: red
Weight: varies according to the length and rings
Strength: 25 kN
Width: 25 mm
Length: (with the rings) 100, 120, 150 cm

EN 365 EN 795-B CE 1019


EN 365 : 2004

PBM tegen vallen.
Algemene vereisten voor de gebruiksaanwijzing, het onderhoud, het periodiek nazicht, de reparatie, de markering en de verpakking.

EN 795-B

PBM tegen vallen.
Verplaatsbare tijdelijke verankeringsvoorzieningen.


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