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REACTOR 140 / W44*
Shock absorber with a lanyard I, Y, Y with eyes or Y with rings. Newly designed for users with a maximum weight of 140 kg (including equipment).

  • optional length of lanyards for diverse work
  • ideal for workers on structures, ladders and pylons
  • low weight and practical shape do not restrict a user at work
  • designed to safely capture a person weighting 140 kg (including equipment)
  • maximum active breaking length of shock absorber is 175 cm
  • cover is made from black synthetic rubber and Cordura with PU coating
  • zipper around the perimeter of the cover for easy inspection of the energy absorber
  • intact orange indicator of energy absorber activation for easy fast check
  • orange indicator is threaded through the attaching loops and indicates an actual damage
  • any EN 362 certified connector can be sewn into the attachment loop
  • lanyards equipped with a light alloy ring or textile eye can be shorten in half
  • different webbing lengths are produced on customer´s request (maximum length including connectors and the shock absorber cannot extend 2 m)
  • unique production number for better traceability and inspection

Complete review:

Type Code Connector Length Weight
Separate absorber W4400WW00 170 g
“I” 85 cm W4410W085 w/o 85 cm 250 g
W4411W085 K370 100 cm 400 g
W4412W085 K353 110 cm 750 g
W4413W085 K355 120 cm 1230 g
“I” 155 cm W4410W155 w/o 155 cm 290 g
W4411W155 K370 170 cm 440 g
W4412W155 K353 180 cm 830 g
W4413W155 K355 190 cm 1270 g
“Y” 85 cm W4420W085 w/o 85 cm 310 g
W4421W085 2x K370 100 cm 610 g
W4422W085 2x K353 110 cm 1290 g
W4423W085 2x K355 120 cm 2210 g
“Y” 155 cm W4420W155 w/o 155 cm 390 g
W4421W155 2x K370 170 cm 690 g
W4422W155 2x K353 180 cm 1390 g
W4423W155 2x K355 190 cm 2310 g
“Y” eye 155 cm W4430W155 w/o 155 cm 390 g
W4433W155 2x K355 190 cm 2310 g
“Y” ring 155 cm W4440W155 w/o 155 cm 530 g
W4441W155 2x K370 170 cm 830 g
W4442W155 2x K353 180 cm 1510 g


Weight: 170 g  (without any connector and lanyard)
Working load: 140 kg

EN 355 CE 1019

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EN 355

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